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    Top 23 iPhone Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features Enhanced iPhone user experience

    Welcome to the world of iPhone secrets and tips! Today, we are going to explore some hidden tricks and features that the iPhone has to offer. From the ability to tap the top of the phone to scroll to the top, to using reachability to access buttons at the top of the screen, to having Siri read your unread messages, there is so much that the iPhone can do. We'll also show you how to customize your contacts with nicknames, access the password of a Wi-Fi network, delete digits in the calculator app, move the cursor with the space bar, access spotlight search, and more. Join us as we uncover the hidden gems of the iPhone.

    Quick 23 Hidden Tricks and Tips for Your iPhone

    1. Top Tap Trick
    2. Reachability
    3. Swipe to go back
    4. Siri reads unread messages
    5. Nicknames for contacts
    6. Wi-Fi password
    7. Calculator Swipe Delete
    8. Space bar cursor movement
    9. Spotlight Search
    10. Disable Home Pages
    11. Hidden Photo Library
    12. Quick Access Control Center
    13. Clear All Notifications
    14. Take a screenshot
    15. Use Apple Pay
    16. CarPlay
    17. Personalized Memoji
    18. Group FaceTime
    19. Use “Hey Siri”
    20. Night Shift
    21. AirDrop
    22. Save Battery with Low Power Mode
    23. Find My iPhone

    Quickly Scroll to the Top: 

    Tapping the top of the phone while scrolling down in an app will quickly scroll to the top.


    Swipe down at the bottom to activate reachability, which allows you to reach buttons at the top of the screen using one hand.

    Swipe to Go Back: 

    Swipe the edge of the screen to go back, instead of using the back button.

    Siri Reading Unread Messages: 

    Have Siri read your unread messages.

    Nicknames for Contacts: 

    Give your contacts nicknames for easier identification.

    View Wi-Fi Password: 

    Double-check the password for the Wi-Fi network you are currently connected to.

    Calculator App Swipe to Delete: 

    Swipe to delete digits in the calculator app to easily fix mistakes.

    Space Bar to Move Cursor: 

    Hold down the space bar while writing to move the cursor.

    Spotlight Search: 

    Swipe down anywhere on the home screen to access Spotlight search.

    Disable Home Pages: 

    Enter into home edit mode to turn off unnecessary home pages.

    Hidden Photo Library:

     Select photos and hide them in the photos app.

    Customizable Control Center: 

    Customize the control center to include the functions you use most.

    Save Battery Life: 

    Use the low-power mode to save battery life.


     Take a screenshot by pressing the side button and the volume up button at the same time.

    Use Apple Pay: 

    Use Apple Pay to easily pay for purchases without pulling out your wallet.

    QuickType Keyboard: 

    Use the QuickType keyboard for faster typing.

    3D Touch: 

    Use 3D Touch for quick actions on apps.

    Siri Shortcuts: 

    Use Siri Shortcuts to automate tasks.


    Use split view and slide over to multitask.

    Night Shift: 

    Use Night Shift to reduce blue light and improve sleep.

    Find My iPhone: 

    Use the Find My iPhone feature to locate your lost or stolen phone.


    Create and use a custom Memoji in iMessage.


    Use AirDrop to quickly share files between iPhones.


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